The Importance Of Iron Supplements For People Living In Rural Areas


Since the rural area has less resources in terms of their healthcare. Healthcare providers also have hard time reaching or managing to go in a rural area. All the health benefits that the people should experience will not be sustained. Children from rural part has the high probability to have an iron deficiency condition. What we can do to help them out? How we can provide good health benefits to rural people?

Iron is a mineral use for growth of all cells in our body. It helps the red blood cells to transport oxygen to the entire part of the body. Without iron or lack of iron intake, it may cause iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is one of the leading nutritional deficiency in the world. People considered at high risk or prone with this condition are athletes, young women, pregnant women, seniors, vegetarians and people leaving outside towns and cities that cannot be reach by medical practitioners or healthcare providers.

The importance of iron supplements for the rural people is to eliminate the treat for iron deficiency anemia in the specific area. There are cheap iron replacements to prevent people from having iron deficiency anemia. They will avoid having pale skin, general fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, brittle nails and hair, and difficulty concentrating at work or school.
Government should support the alternative medicine for this is not expensive and can serve a lot of people in need. Of course, they need to know if this is safe, effective and can really help the general population in the rural area. The quality of the alternative iron supplement must be approved before giving to the people.

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