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5 Great Summer Activities for Seniors in Barrie


Our summers are short here in Canada, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to enjoy them! The warmer months provide great opportunities for seniors to leave the house and get some healthy exercise. Here are some activities you can enjoy with your loved ones here in Barrie.

Take a Walk

Seniors who are able to walk should take advantage of the warm weather. Walking is great exercise for people of all fitness levels. You can visit the farmer’s market, take in the sights and sounds of one of Barrie’s public walking trails, or head to Bayfield Mall for an leisurely, air-conditioned stroll.

It’s best to walk in the morning or the evening, not in the middle of the day when the summer sun is at its hottest. Check the weather before you go, and be sure to pack a bottle of water to drink, put on plenty of sunscreen, and don your favourite sun hat.


Not only is gardening rewarding, it’s a great source of exercise. If the gardener has trouble bending over, you can plant in raised flowerbeds or pots instead of in the ground, and purchased tools that make the job easier.

Go Fishing

What could be more peaceful and relaxing than a day on the lake? Barrie’s own Kempenfelt Bay is home to an abundance of Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Whitefish, and Lake Trout. Fishing is an easy sport to pick up at any age, and those who were avid fishers in their day will enjoy dipping their toes back in.

To ensure your trip is safe and stress-free, be sure to pack a lunch and know where to find public washrooms. You can fish all along Barrie’s waterfront except for public beaches, the Bayfield St. docks, and Southshore Community Centre.

See a Movie

Looking for an activity you can enjoy in the comfort of the indoors? Barrie’s three movies theatres are cool and air-conditioned. The grandkids will be happy to join in as well.

Celebrate Together

Seniors enjoy a summer BBQ as much as anyone! The summer is a great time to bring your loved one along to a get-together or a public celebration.

Barrie hosts annual Canada Day celebrations, with the downtown featuring live entertainment and family-friendly activities. Browse the local vendors, check out the free exhibits, and finish off with a spectacular fireworks show along Kempenfelt Bay. When you’re attending with seniors, it helps to arrive early and bring comfortable lawn chairs.


Know About Physical Exercise

In today’s society, many people view exercise as a voluntary activity instead of an essential one; if they do not have to do it, they won’t. Therefore to be motivated sufficiently into taking more exercise, they must first be convinced it is worthwhile, and then be shown how it’s possible to fit exercise into their lives in a manner that suits them.

Understanding people’s beliefs and attitudes towards exercise helps to explain why they do little or no physical activity. People who’re largely sedentary often have negative views about exercise, believing it to be pointless, difficult and unpleasant, and are able to provide a multitude of excuses for not doing it.

Changing people’s attitudes and beliefs towards exercise is a significant step towards motivating them to incorporate more physical activity into their lives.

Going Forward: Physical Exercise

There is no point to exercise-There is a great deal of point to exercise at any time of life, because it has numerous health benefits. Regular physical activity promotes weight loss and limits the risk of obesity, improves cardio respiratory fitness, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, prevents high blood pressure, helps to control type 2 diabetes, and limits the risk of osteoporosis and some cancers. Exercise also helps people to manage anxiety and depression.

moving on from that thought…

Exercise has a key role to play in reducing the risk of diseases that represent a serious risk to health, including coronary heart disease and stroke. It helps to regulate blood pressure, control non-insulin dependent diabetes, lower the risk of some cancers, reduce cholesterol, and prevent osteoporosis (brittle bone disease). Exercise of a weight bearing nature, such as walking or running, helps to preserve bone mass and avoid bone fractures later in life.

And Even More…..

Exercising means time away from parents and friends-Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean always spending precious time away from partners, family and friends. For example, days out to the zoo, theme, and wildlife parks where lots of walking is involved can turn exercise into a fun, sociable activity when everyone can join in.

Too out of shape to exercise-It isn’t necessary to be athletic or of a sporty nature to engage in exercise. Making the decision to become more physically active doesn’t mean an automatic gym membership and a compulsory jog around the block every night. Whatever form it takes, exercise helps people to increase their body shape, self, and body image-esteem.

Too tired and stressed after work-Exercise actually helps to reduce stress and improve energy levels. After work isn’t the only time for exercise, as there are often opportunities for physical activity at other times during the day. Walking to work, walking the dog or kids to and from school or a stroll during lunch hour are all possibilities. Many companies also have workplace fitness initiatives in place.

No time for exercise-Exercise doesn’t have to be inconvenient and get in the path of other things. Physical activity can easily be integrated into daily life by doing things such as using the stairs rather than the lift or escalator, walking more often and walking quicker, and doing household chores such as cleansing, gardening, mowing the lawn and raking.

When trying to move people to do more exercise it helps to define the different reasons they have for not exercising, and offer solutions to them. For every excuse there is for not exercising, there is a time to encourage physical activity.

For more information regarding the health benefits of physical activity and the means to incorporate it into daily life, read Find the Motivation to Exercise.


Exercise Physiology Solutions?

What is exercise? Why is it so important? Exercise is any physical effort of the body. It is supposed to enhance or maintain physical fitness and overall health and welfare– both physically and mentally. Exercise isn’t done just for enjoyment (though it surely can be) however, it is also done to strengthen muscles and the cardiovascular system. Some do some forms of exercise to lose weight, others do it to maintain weight. Whatever is the reason, people exercise because it brings them many benefits.

If you do not have time to go to the gym, get a small bench or fitness ball and a set of dumbbells for your strength training exercises. There are likewise many effective body weight exercises you can do, as well as short intense interval cardio exercises that will burn lots of calories, help you lose weight, and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

The first benefit is that it helps prevent disease. The body craves for exercise, as it is necessary for physical fitness and good health. In fact, it reduces the likelihood of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.

It can also increase the quality of life. Once you start to exercise regularly, you’re going to notice some improved areas in your life. For instance, regular exercise can improve your mood, weight management, and self-esteem. Exercise alone is a good way to treat or prevent depression. Exercise done in the presence of other persons has also shown to reduce stress.

Let’s Continue This Analysis

If you find that you wish to exercise but don’t have the slightest idea of how to perform it, then worry not because there are a lot of exercise physiologists out there willing to help you out. Exercise physiology is the study of the way in which the human body responds to a wide variety of physical exercise conditions. Basically, they try to learn how to get you healthy through the proper exercise. Accredited physiologists work in a variety of settings such as athlete performance and training and the management and the reintegration of chronic diseases and injuries.

Exercise Physiology SA is a company composed of many exercise physiologists in Adelaide. They specialise in delivering individualised exercise prescriptions for chronic disease, injury management & healthy population. They are committed to designing exercise programmes specifically to your physical and functional needs.

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Abdominal Crunch Exposed

There are many types of abdominal exercises that you will be able to use to strengthen and shape a great six pack of abdominal muscles. These exercises range from the basic and well known like the classic abdominal crunches, to leg raises, and multiple weight lifting machines designed to target that specific trouble area of many people’s bodies.

Broadening The Abdominal Crunch Circle

The wide variety of various ab machines out there, and the great variety of different abdominal exercises can be a little intimidating to a great deal of people who’ren’t natural gym rats. Whenever there are so many choices, attempting to figure out which abdominal exercises are best for your goals and your situations can be daunting. The good news is that there’s no ‘only one way’ to get there. This means that a large variety of abdominal exercises can be effective.

I just needed to talk about it

The other good news is that despite all the commercials bombarding you with the statement that you have to buy this machine or that machine, however, many of the best abdominal exercises are not from machines, but are among the same good old fashioned exercises that you practiced in gym class.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Abdominal Crunch

Crunches. That’s right, the good old fashioned stomach crunch is still the best exercise for abs and should be the basis for any serious exercise program focusing on abdominal exercises.

Reverse crunches. These are similar to crunches, but emphasize the lower abs over the upper abs. A great balance exercise for regular crunches.

Someone who only concentrates on these three exercises will do well in building up their abs. These abdominal exercises should always be the basis of any serious workout. With weights and other machines, there are likewise several other really good exercises that can add some great variety, help you keep interest in your workouts, and also help to build your ideal abs.

Leg raises are another favorite among gym goers. Just set yourself up with good posture on the appropriate machine and raise the legs. The pressure forces your abs to work out and can help really shape up only part of the body. The abdominal bicycle crunch is another very popular exercise that you might see around. For some people this is easy. However, for beginners it’ll take a while to obtain the coordination down.

Abdominal exercise machines are specifically designed to target the abs during an exercise routine and almost all machines mimic regular crunch exercises although they’re much easier on your body. Most people do crunch exercises lying on their back on the ground with their hands behind their head putting them at risk for back injury, for instance. However, this isn’t a problem with abdominal exercise machines as they place limits on your movement and make you maintain good form in order to exploit the machine. For this reason abdominal exercise machines are almost foolproof and allow the rest of the body a break while you’re working on your abs.

If you have a bench to work in collaboration with, then there is a whole variety of additional abdominal exercises that you will be able to do, including: side leg raises, bench kickbacks, front kicks, and rear leg scissors. A gym workout for abs combined with Pilates at home can be either a great way to obtain the full effect of each workout and get out with the abdominal muscles that you have been dreaming of.

The most important is to just keep with whatever abdominal exercises that you’re working out your stomach muscles with. Keep at it until you have the results you want, and you will be i’m glad you stayed faithful to those abdominal exercises.